Bermuda Foundation For Insurance Studies


When COVID first appeared early last year, many were optimistic that it would be gone within a few months. It is unfortunate that some BFIS programmes had to be curtailed, including our Internships.  These are eagerly sought after by college students who benefit enormously from this short, intensive immersion into the industry, coming away with a far greater understanding of it all. Though greatly regretting having to cancel, we were sure that we could offer them this year but sadly, that was not to be.

Every year, thanks to AXA XL and Allied World who underwrite the programme, a total of 16 students participate in 4 different internships in Bermuda, Chicago, Atlanta and London.  London tends to be the most popular but students who may have made that their first choice still have an amazing experience whichever one they participate in.

Earlier this year we realized that we had no choice but to again postpone the opportunity until 2022, so reached out to our host partners both here at home and in London, Chicago and Atlanta advising them of the postponement and expressing hope that we could count on their support next year. The various companies have all been amazing hosts to our students in the past and we hope that the close relationships we have built up can continue going forward.

The Atlanta internship, though very successful, has proved problematic as regards transportation. We may regretfully have to cancel it but excitingly this gives us an opportunity to consider offering another option, either in New York or Philadelphia. More news on that at a later date!