Bermuda Foundation For Insurance Studies

BFIS Scholarships

Thanks to all our donors (see below link), we were able to award scholarships to 13 students last year, despite COVID. Sadly, we were unable to hold an Awards Reception, always a highlight of the BFIS calendar. The reception provides a great opportunity for Donors, Advisory Trustees, Member Representatives, Board members and many other professionals to meet and chat with new and continuing BFIS scholars. We did manage to hold a very short open-air ceremony last August where we welcomed the new scholars into the BFIS Family.

Though 2020 was metaphorically speaking a dead duck, many people hoped that this year all would be well and we would be ‘back in business’.  But it was not to be as we have continued to face similar restrictions to last year.  Nevertheless, we are pleased to be able to offer a number of Named scholarships and BFIS Overseas scholarships again this year.

We normally receive about 100 scholarship applications, out of which 25 are short-listed, with approximately 15 students receiving awards. The selection process is stringent, with academic achievement, essays, community service, financial need, etc. all being carefully considered. 

Interviews will again be conducted via Zoom this year, and though we may again not be able to hold an Awards Reception, we will hopefully at least be able to hold a short event in a suitable outdoor space later in the summer.