Bermuda Foundation For Insurance Studies


BFIS Internships provide students with an amazing opportunity to learn much about the insurance industry in a very short space of time. They are intensive (2-3 week) structured sessions with students visiting a range of companies for a morning or afternoon so they get a broad overview of the industry from the broking and underwriting perspective to the legal side of things. It provides a real learning curve and students who have absolutely no knowledge of insurance gain a much greater understanding.

After 2 years of not being able to offer internships, we are working on reinstating the Bermuda and London programmes, even if somewhat abbreviated.

As both Bermuda and London open back up for business, most companies are happy to host our students once again and next year we hope to be able to again offer an internship in Chicago as well, though as previously mentioned might have to switch out the Atlanta experience for either New York or Philadelphia as transportation in Atlanta has proved a real headache in the past.

The Bermuda internship will run from May 23rd through June 3rd and the London dates are from July 4th through 15th. We have offered the opportunity initially to 8 graduating students and will then open the opportunity up to Juniors if necessary. 

We are truly indebted to the many companies that host the students each year.  They really look after them, ensuring that they rotate around different departments, get to learn about ‘a day in the life of’ underwriters, brokers, actuaries and many others, have the chance to meet with many people from interns to CEOs and even get to enjoy lunches and the occasional after-work networking events, so all in all a hugely informative experience.  To quote two of our interns who participated in the 2019 London and Bermuda internships:

“An incredible introduction to London and the abundance of expertise in the Lloyd’s market. So many new, diverse contacts and MORE potential career paths.” CB

“Gained a much clearer understanding of the industry overall and the role of each department. Was able to explore details on many possible career opportunities within the industry. Discovered my strong interest in entering the Claims department and thoroughly enjoyed the great amount of sit-down discussions we were able to have with industry experts.” CK