Bermuda Foundation For Insurance Studies

Scholarships: Fall 2021 Newsletter

Despite continuing COVID issues, the scholarship application process went ahead as usual earlier this year. There was initial concern among award providers about low application numbers, and it seemed some students had changed their plans, but evidently many tended to wait until shortly before deadlines to apply and in the end most award providers reported receiving reasonable levels of applications. BFIS ended up being approximately 25% shy of usual levels. Out of 70 applications, 48 were shortlisted for the Scholarship Committee’s consideration, with 26 then selected for interview and 18 exceptional students finally being awarded scholarships.

Below are some comments from 3 of our scholars:

“BFIS is confirmation that all my hard work has paid off. I am assured that I am on the right path in my professional development. Having a body as prestigious as this supporting me makes me feel confident as I go into my senior year and ultimately as I enter the working world. I know that they will help to equip me with the tools I need to succeed.” JB 

“BFIS has played a pivotal role in my academic journey. Thanks to their informative networking events, I gained a deeper understanding of the (re) insurance industry and the need for young professionals like myself. I was awarded a scholarship and received professional mentoring to guide me through my career journey. BFIS has provided me with possibilities that will allow me to make a valuable contribution to the business community.” KM

I’ve been having a great time at University, thanks to BFIS! All my lectures and tutorials are in person which is so refreshing, being able to meet fellow students with the same interest. The social life outside of curricular activities has also presented itself as a great way to relax and have fun after a long day.  I’ve joined a few societies and the events are always amazing.” ES

We were disappointed not to be able to hold our annual Awards Reception for the second year running.  This is a festive occasion bringing together our Board and committee members, donor company representatives, BFIS Alumni and students and their parents, and the event really launches the BFIS journey for the students, most of who take advantage of all our programmes during their university years – Mentoring, Internships and of course Job Search.

COVID has also taken a toll in that in the past year or more we have not been able to hold our usual Networking events which bring students and professionals together in an informal setting and which students find so beneficial.  That said, we are very pleased that our Mentoring programme which matches students to professionals has flourished (see article below) and many students say how beneficial they find the relationship and how much they appreciate having help and guidance as they consider their career paths.