Bermuda Foundation For Insurance Studies

The Bermuda Foundation For Insurance Studies was founded in 1996 by leaders in Bermuda’s insurance industry with the goal of providing opportunities for Bermudian students to gain the education and training necessary to enter the insurance sector.

This is being achieved through:
Annually awarded BFIS SCHOLARSHIPS to Bermudian and PRC students who are planning careers in insurance and studying subjects relevant to the industry. Our scholarships have increased in number, scope and dollar amounts over the years to match increased tuition costs and the growth of the industry.

The BFIS MENTOR NETWORKING programme which matches under-graduate and post-graduate students planning or starting a career in insurance with young insurance professionals.

The BFIS INTRO-TO-INSURANCE SUMMER INTERN programmes which are designed to broaden undergraduate students’ knowledge of the insurance industry through two to three week intensive, structured internships in Bermuda, London, Chicago and Atlanta.

CAREER GUIDANCE to high school students, undergraduate students and career changers needing information about careers in the insurance industry.

JOB SEARCH assistance for students looking for vacation jobs in the industry and graduates searching for full-time employment. Students intent on finding employment in the insurance sector can have their resumes posted on the BFIS website.