Bermuda Foundation For Insurance Studies

The BFIS Intro-to-Insurance Summer Intern Programmes are offered annually in Bermuda, London, Chicago and Atlanta.  They are intensive, structured, 2 to 3 week programmes for 4 groups of 4 Bermudian undergraduate students who are planning careers in Bermuda’s insurance industry.  Students gain an in-depth understanding of the insurance industry and the careers it can offer.   Travel, room and board are paid for by BFIS and students receive a daily stipend.

Unfortunately BFIS is unable to offer the internships during 2021 due to continuing concerns over COVID and the fact that many employees are working from home so offices are closed and would therefore not be able to host.

The internships will once again be available in 2022, when interested students will be able to apply online through and submit required documents after the beginning of the year. BFIS Scholars should simply notify the BFIS office that they wish to participate and ALL interested applicants should submit a short essay outlining why they want to participate and where.


Interviews (Skype) will take place in mid-April.

If you have any questions click here to email BFIS.


  1. ESSAY – In approximately 300 words tell us: “Why are you interested in participating in the programme, what do you hope to gain from it and which location is your first choice and why?”
  2. Resume
  3. Most recent transcript
  4. Proof of Bermudian or PRC status
  5. Head and shoulders photo
  6. INSURANCE KNOWLEDGE – List any insurance courses you have taken. Students who have not taken any insurance courses will be required to take the online Insurance Essentials course (The Institutes) which requires 4-5 hours of online study.  BFIS will refund the $92 cost for chosen interns. Interns will be majoring in subjects relevant to the insurance industry. (Previous interns were studying a variety of subjects including Risk Management, Insurance, Finance,  Economics, Law, Accounting, Geography, Marketing, etc.) During these syllabus-driven programmes students will study all aspects of the industry and meet insurance professionals at all levels. By approaching their college ahead of taking the internship, students may find they can receive credits for the course.

BFIS pays travel and room and board costs for the interns traveling overseas and gives students going overseas a stipend. In the past we have found that interns’ summer employers are very supportive of them taking part in the programme.


In 2002 BFIS was approached by the Katie School of Insurance and Risk Management at Illinois State University to organise an insurance intern schedule for two of their students to study the Bermuda insurance market.  This gave us the opportunity to include two Bermudian students in the programme.

When we started the Chicago programme in 2006, the Katie School and their alumni now working in Chicago organised the Chicago schedule for BFIS and have continued to do so each year since, for which we are very grateful.

The London programme started in 2008 and many of our donor companies here in Bermuda were instrumental in encouraging their London offices to assist BFIS.

In 2012 we launched the Atlanta programme, again helped by companies with offices there and with assistance from Georgia State University and Bermudian insurance professionals now in Atlanta.