Bermuda Foundation For Insurance Studies

THE BFIS MENTOR NETWORK PROGRAMME is designed to match students (mentees) planning or starting a career in insurance with practising professionals (mentors) already working in Bermuda’s insurance industry.  Thus the student is able to develop a relationship with his or her mentor, thereby providing an avenue for support, advice and career development.

The student is able to draw upon the professional’s knowledge, get a realistic perspective of the industry and learn about what to expect in his or her chosen field. 

The onus is on the mentee to make regular contact with his or her mentor.  Mentors and mentees usually then agree to meet informally on a regular basis to discuss career, personal or academic goals and activities. They may attend industry functions together, visit in a corporate setting or network in other ways.

There is no set schedule, mentors and mentees preferring to set their own meeting schedules either in person or perhaps electronically on a regular basis to discuss the mentee’s career or academic goals. Sometimes they will catch up at our Mentor Network Lunches. Occasionally the mentor may invite their mentee to attend an industry function or visit within the corporate setting, or just go fishing!

BFIS Networking Events, held during the summer and Christmas vacations, are an important part of the programme and give students a chance to sit with other students as well as insurance professionals and chat about their career interests. These events are organised by the BFIS Mentor Network Committee, most of whose members are BFIS Alumni.

As new BFIS scholars join the BFIS ‘family’ each year we constantly need to increase our pool of potential mentors. The Mentoring programme is also offered to other students keen to enter the insurance field who feel in need of advice and guidance. We welcome you to join the programme either as a mentor or a mentee.

Networking is key in the insurance industry – it’s all about who you know.  BFIS has found that SPEED NETWORKING for students offers an incredible opportunity for them to make contact with professionals working in insurance. 

How does BFIS Speed Networking work?  Usually we try to have a similar number of students and professionals who work in the insurance industry  in the room.  Each student sits down opposite a professional and when the signal is given they spend 7-8 minutes getting to know one another.  When the bell rings, the student moves on to the next chair to start a conversation with another professional. Students usually manage to chat to 7 or 8 professionals in the time allotted, after which time everyone breaks for a sandwich lunch and general networking.  BFIS usually offers 3 or 4 networking events annually.

We also hold an End-of-Summer cocktail party in mid-August each year just before students head back off to school, again ensuring that students and professionals mingle as much as possible.