Bermuda Foundation For Insurance Studies

To help us find the perfect mentor for you we need to know what you are looking for, so before you fill in the Mentee Form think about what it is that you are looking for.

Which of the following statements applies to you?

I am a high school student who wants to find out more about a specific career – such as what does an actuary actually do.

I am a recent graduate who needs someone to guide them as they enter the industry.

I am a student who is serious about a career in Bermuda’s insurance industry and need an insurance professional to turn to for advice and guidance.

I want to change my career and need to talk to someone to learn more about what it takes to move into the industry.

Mentee Application

Mentor Preference
PLEASE NOTE: Once you have been introduced to your mentor, YOU will be responsible for maintaining the relationship. It will be up to you to keep your mentor informed of what you are doing on a monthly basis and to respond in a timely manner to his/her e-mails, calls and invitations to you. If you fail to keep in contact with your mentor based on the above-mentioned guidelines, your mentor will be reassigned to someone else.