Bermuda Foundation For Insurance Studies

Our Schools Outreach Committee goes out to all the schools at the start of each school year to talk to senior year students about jobs in insurance.  Interested students can sign up for Lunch & Learns and at this point we offer career guidance to students who request it.

When a student or graduate contacts BFIS for assistance, we meet with them to review their resume, discuss their career goals and their job search plan. Our clientele range from high-school seniors to graduates to career changers and each has different requirements. Some may want to learn more about the different careers in the industry before they head off to university, others are looking for that entry-level position so they can get their ‘foot in the door’.

We work on how best to assist them which can be in one or more of the following ways:
– put them in contact with someone in the industry who we think they would benefit from meeting (Mentoring);
– send them to meet with a professional recruiter;
– advise them as to the different courses available through The Institutes;
– post their resume on the BFIS website;
– circulate their resume to the relevant people in our donor companies;
– invite them to one of our networking events.

 People who contact us are asked to review their resume against the relevant Resume Template (below) to make sure they have included all the necessary information.  Resumes come in many formats but it should be noted that HR Managers generally like to see a straightforward resume of 1-2 pages long rather than a lengthy one with an eye-catching design!

Click here to view our two Resume Lists:
– one for students seeking summer, part-time or year-out internships;
– one for those seeking full-time employment.
To view a resume, simply click on the person’s name.

As an employer, if you are offering graduate programmes or internships you can let us know and can also advertise them in the Employers’ section of